Prosecco Frizzante | glass 5,50 | bottle 24,50
Frizzy white wine with delicate and light flavours. The soft frizziness allows for a mild fruity flavour.

Bailly Lapierre, Crèmant de Bourgogne | glass 6,25 |  bottle 27,50
This delicious wine got notes of yellow fruit, brioche bread and citrus fruit. This brut réserve is of the same quality and finesse as Champagne


White house wines:

Pinot Grigio Caluşari, Romania | glass 4,00 | bottle 18,50
A cool wine expressive of grapefruit and peach.

Chardonnay Torrontes, Argentina | glass 4,60 | bottle 22,50
Aromatic and chacteristic wine with ripe tropical fruit tones. 

White wines:

Suttern Hill Chardonnay, Australia | bottle 24,50
Rich and complex, hints of white peach and nuts. The balanced acidity evolves to citrus fruits and a long after taste. 

Viento Aliseo Biodynamic Viognier, Spain | bottle 25,50
Aromatic with flowers and citric fruit. Strong, full, and longlasting flavours. 

Place in de Sun Sauvignon Blanc, South Africa|  bottle 29,50
A clear wine with green tones, smells of passsionfruit, with hints of pineapple in the mouth. Fair trade wine from Zonnebloem Wines, Stellenbosch. 

Grüner Veltlner, Austria | bottle 39,50
Fresh, dry, fruity, spicy. Characteristics of ground pepper. This wine allows for an almost umami experience of flavours. 

Chablis Tradition, Domaine Servin, France | bottle 49,50
Refined Chablis, with almond and pear, rond and powerful. 


Red house wines:

Pinot Noir Caluşari, Romania | glass 4,00 | bottle 19,50
A subtle wine, with tones of red fruits, allowing for a fresh after taste. 

Malbec Syrah, Argentina | glass 4,60 | bottle 23,50
Spicy red wine, properly balanced between fresh and full flavours, and long lingering. 

Red wines:

Valpolicetta Ripasso, Italy | bottle 31,50
Ruby red. Elements of plums and raisins, strong, yet fresh. 

Pinotage Southern Bright, South Africa| bottle 34,50
Superb pinotage, dark red, subtle in smell, full and an elegant body.

Castillo de Molina, Carmenère Reserva, Chili | bottle 35,50
Ripened on French oak, dark purple wine, heavy with tannines, and a pleasant bitter taste. Long and strong after taste. 

Matua Valley Series Pinot Noir, New Zealand | bottle 42,50
Beautiful wine from Marlborough, red plums, cherries and thyme in the nose, soft and wealthy in the mouth. 

Amarone Torre del Falasco, Italy | bottle 57,50
Deep red, smells of forest fruit and cacao, with the taste slowly evolves while you drink it.