Three of Leiden’s most talented culinary professionals, Viggo Melgert, Sander Vrijbloed and Tom van Aken, have partnered together to create Bree56. An intimate bistro with both traditional and modern elements, Bree56 delivers an exceptional dining experience to each quest.

Chef de Cuisine Tom van Aken has worked over ten years as an independent cook in Leiden. He honed his skills training at highly regarded restaurants such as De Beukenhof (Oegstgeest) and KW106 (Katwijk). He worked as a sous-chef at In Den Doofpot (Leiden) and at Restaurant Dartel (Leiden). In each dish Tom prepares guests enjoy the complexity of all flavours and the harmony that is created – each meal is one to remember.

Viggo is also a veteran within the restaurant industry, with a strong culinary background spanning decades. From 1998 through 2012 he managed the popular Café Van der Werff in Leiden. He subsequently journeyed to Curacao to revive the struggling restaurant Pampus at the Waaigat. Following his success there, he teamed up with Sander to bring Leiden Bree33 – and later on with Tom as well to open Bistro Bree56.

Sander also has his roots in and around Leiden’s culinary world, having worked in esteemed establishments such as De Beukenhof (Leiden) and De Moerbei (Warmond). After leading the kitchen at In Den Doofpot – with Tom as his sous-chef – he and Viggo started Bree33. A year later Sander and Viggo found a new partner in Tom and opened Bree56.